Cartagena enjoys, usually during Holy Week, the Festival del Dulce as a way to keep alive the popular traditions of the city. During this event a homage is paid to the homemade sweet in squares, streets and shopping centers, always with the special participation of palenqueras who prepare the delights that the festival attendees taste.
Sweet Festival
For equality, for a better world
 International Women's Day
The great Gabo was born on that day as today in 1927 in Aracataca (Colombia) and from Cartagena de Indias, a city so dear to him, we always remember him ...... HotelBahia "your home in Cartagena"
Gabriel García Márques
Come to Cartagena and live the 58th Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias FICCI, the oldest film festival in Latin America ...... We wait for you at the Hotel Bahia "your house in Cartagena"
58 Cartagena de Indias Film Festival