On November 1, 1958, the Bahía Hotel opened its doors, as reflected in the press cut of the time ... Hotel Bahía "your home in Cartagena since 1958" ...
60th anniversary of Hotel Bahía
We offer you home and warmth to make your experience unforgettable ... HotelBahía "your home in Cartagena"
Accommodation at the Hotel Bahía
Live a refreshing experience !!! ... # HotelBahia "your home in #Cartagena"
The pool
In "las Redes" you will find a relaxed atmosphere, which invites you to exchange experiences.
Las Redes
We have communicated rooms to facilitate your stay with your family ...
Bahia with family
  We renew ourselves keeping our essence ... to make you feel at home ... # HotelBahia "your home in #Cartagena"
 HotelBahia "your home in Cartagena"